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In terms ofbusiness continuity, is based on the 10 professional practices for Business Continuity developed and published by DRI International, the most important institution in business continuity worldwide with a presence in 50 countries.

The first step to becoming a DRI International Certified Professional is to pass the Certification Exam. After passing the exam you can apply for certification levels: ABCP, CFCP, CBCP or CBCV.

ABCP: ABCP (Associate Business Continuity Professional) certification = Associate Business Continuity Professional. It is for those who are new to our industry. This certification guarantees that they have the necessary basic skills and knowledge related to business continuity planning, but have not yet acquired a great deal of experience in the field.


CFCP (Certified Functional Continuity Professional): Functional Professional Certificate of Business Continuity.


CBCV (Certified Business Continuity Vendor): Certified Business Continuity Provider.


CBCP (Certified Business Continuity Professional): Certified Business Continuity Professional.


MBCP (Master Business Continuity Professional): Professional Master in Business Continuity.

There is a fee for each certification application that goes according to the following:

  • ABCP -$200 US
  • CBCV -$400 US
  • CFCP -$400 US
  • CBCP -$400 US
  • CBCA -$400 US
  • CBCLA -$400 US
  • MBCP -$500 US
  • APSCP -$200 US
  • CPSCP – $400 US

The professional’s experience should include a 10-year period from the date of your request, and focus on the responsibilities and achievements in business continuity / disaster recovery planning – not on the responsibilities of your job or on accomplishments organizations. Please check the required years for each level of certification.

If you currently have a DRI International certification, you do not need to take the certification exam again. If you want to upgrade to the CFCP or CBCP level, you will need to resubmit your application through the site using the registration information you used in your previous application. If you wish to apply for MBCP certification, you must obtain a passing grade in the «Master Case Study Exam» to make the corresponding application.


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